Innovative, Geeky, Goofy 🤓

I am a self-taught designer. I attended art school as an extracurricular activity as a child, the teachers were instructors at Charukola, Dhaka University. My superpower at school was drawing up cartoons within minutes.

As soon as I got a computer at home, with dial-up internet; I spent less time drawing and more time designing artwork on MS Paint, Word, and Powerpoint for the classroom walls. Later on, I was mentored by seniors at school to learn Visual Basic and Macromedia Flash.

I went to learn more on online forums. I coded some basic programs and released them and started making friends from all over the world. Designing banners and forum graphics became one of my hobbies to show-off skills and compete in graphics battles. I then went on to freelance to make money from my skills.

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