Hi, I’m Tanzir.

I'm a data-driven product designer with a penchant for crafting elegant designs and intuitive experiences.

What makes me exceptional?

A multi-disciplinary usability expert, with
systems thinking tendencies.

Beyond Pixels: Crafting Usable Magic with 

Technical Flair

Cracking open complex systems is what fuels my design process. I speak the language of tech, translating backend magic into user-friendly experiences.


UX Detective

: Decoding Clicks, Optimizing Delight

I’m the detective who cracks the case of user behavior. I wield surveys, A/B tests, heatmaps, and user flow funnels like CSI tools, uncovering hidden truths and optimizing your product for seamless experiences. This means happier users, higher conversion rates, and a product that sings.

Building Experiences, Not Just Interfaces: My Multi-Talent 

Design Toolbox

Beyond pixels, I weave narratives. As a creative strategist and visual storyteller, I don’t just design interfaces, I craft engaging experiences that capture hearts and minds. Think impactful video edits, compelling animations, and copy that sings – all meticulously woven into a brand story that drives results.

Design Sprints + OKRs 

= Impactful Products, Crafted Together

Forget silos, imagine synergy. As a designer fluent in product language, I bridge the gap between creativity and practicality. We can co-pilot design sprints, craft user-centric roadmaps, and set achievable OKRs together. By leveraging your vision and my design smarts, we’ll build products that thrive.

Startup grit 

meets global expertise

My design journey spans startup agility to global reach, consistently delivering tangible results through user-centric solutions.

At Pathao, a US$100M ride-sharing leader, I streamlined internal tools. On the global stage, I revitalized Standard Chartered’s investor app, boosting adoption.

Back home, I helped IM, Bangladesh’s top AI startup, expand product effectiveness with my design leadership. Even in virtual classrooms for Pencil Spaces, I drove adoption of new features through user-centric sprints.


Notable feedback from industry peers.

His ability to stress test ideas and make them come to life is on par with his resilience and perseverance.

Benjamin Marsili
Project Manager
I've worked with Tanzir at Intelligent Machines for more than a year and in that time, in every conversation we've had (be it a product strategy meeting or a project discussion) he's always had unique and impactful insights.
Shuvo Saha
Sr. Analyst @ Wise
What I admire most about Tanzir is his relentless pursuit to learn new things. I have worked with him in Pathao and Intelligent Machines and I have always found him challenging the status quo and incorporating new way of doing things. He's a brilliant product designer who puts a lot of effort behind user persona research. His ingrained curios nature immensely helps to bring fresh perspective onto the table and I am really grateful to him for that.
Khaled Syfullah
Principal Product Manager @ Delivery Hero
I had the opportunity to work with Tanzir in a few projects. Tanzir goes beyond his role in product design. He is a very technology focused product designer and wants to know the detail from the engineering perspective. I believe this keeps him apart from other product designers, those are only focused aesthetically. Tanzir, being a senior person in the team, is very pragmatical in thinking with options available at that time of execution and took the best out of it every time. I had a great time working him and wishing him all the best in future.
Raju Ahmed Shetu
Sr. Software Developer
Tanzir and I worked together in two startups, Pathao and Intelligent Machines. As a designer, he has a good sense of aesthetics and he can come up with well-thought solutions if given creative freedom, time, and resources. When required, he can start, drive, and complete design projects all by himself. Additionally, he is always experimenting with new ideas, be it a design solution or a business idea. He also mentored other designers in our team.
Khalid Hasan Zibon
Lead Product Designer @ IM

Tanzir is very eager to learn new tools and methodologies - and rapidly adapts to new ideas.

Saddam Azad
Serial Entreprenuer

Let's talk.

email me @ tanzir71 [at] gmail.com

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